Umberto Iorfida Proposes General Amnesty for all Marijuana Dealers, Money Launderers, and Drug Users.

NORML Canada / Iorfida Drop Civil Suit in Connection with 462.2 Victory

(NORML CANADA NEWS, KING CITY, ONTARIO ; November 26, 1996) In order to better utilize time and human resources in pursuit of achieving the "official policy goals" of NORML Canada, , Umberto Iorfida has decided to not pursue the civil lawsuit phase of the 462.2 Literature Ban Case, the criminal part of which ended this past December 1995 with a win for marijuana law improvement, in Iorfida / NORML Canada's favor.

"There was the possibility that we could have successfully pursued this case eventually, Iorfida said, "but our available resources would be better spent on projects that sway lawmakers' and administrators' minds."

"Those that have the resources should pursue their lawsuits and cases. NORML Canada stands by with appropriate aid."

To read background information on this case, Click Here.

Repealing and/or Changing Laws is Next

"As long as laws are criminalizing or penalizing ordinary citizens in any way concening marijuana, we have work to do. As long as people are going to jail, loosing their jobs, money, property, or any other rights, for possession or  cultivation of marijuana or marijuana seeds, NORML Canada is not finished."

AMNESTY should be given to all those non-criminal type persons currently under indictment or in jail for the crime of trafficking or possession of marijuana, or marijuana seeds, or laundering the proceeds of marijuana sales.

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